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Internal Medicine Board Review



Welcome to FRONTRUNNERS® BOARD REVIEW, your Ultimate Review® for the ABIM Certification and ABIM Recertification examinations, aka the Internal Medicine Certification and Internal Medicine Recertification exams, ABIM exams, or more simply, the Internal Medicine Boards.  We'll help you get this monkey off your back!

For over 15 years FRONTRUNNERS® has specialized in one area and one area alone, namely, preparation for the Internal Medicine BoardsInternal Medicine Board Review isn't just our forte; it's all we do. So if you're serious about passing your ABIM Certification or ABIM Recertification exam, this is exactly where you want to be.  We want the opportunity to share all of our experience, years of hard work, unrivaled resources and board review secrets with you, and in the process, save you loads of time and headaches.


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 is what you've gotta know!"


To learn WHY FRONTRUNNERS® is the best choice in internal medicine board review, start here!

Already familiar with FRONTRUNNERS® internal medicine board review?  Fast forward ►►your review of internal medicine reviews with these 3 awesome board review shortcuts: 1. Skip directly to our internal medicine board review Product Vault here; 2. Jump right to our best internal medicine board review questions & AV Packages here; or3. Save the most time & just skip directly ahead to our internal medicine board review Menu here.

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Internal Medicine Board Review


Once you've had a chance to check out WHY FRONTRUNNERS is the physician's choice for internal medicine board review, the following section will give you a time-saving descriptive overview of FRONTRUNNERS® 2015 product line before entering the Product Vault!

Whether you're new to FRONTRUNNERS® or it's time for your next ABIM Recertification Exam, FRONTRUNNERS® Product Vault is definitely the place to start reviewing! The Product Vault® is where you'll find all of FRONTRUNNERS® best board review materials, pricing, package contents, savings, and even view generous-sized product samples. For your added convenience, you can now order securely any of our Internal Medicine Board Review materials and packages directly thru the Product Vault page as well. 

Take time to find out more about our popular WEEKEND MARATHON REVIEWS (FRONTRUNNERS® Internal Medicine Board Review Course), truly unrivaled, and offered every early August several weeks before the exam.  Missed registration? Can't make it out?  No problem!  We bring the course direct to your doorstep! FRONTRUNNERS® time & cost-saving  AUDIOVISUAL PACKAGES offer you all the same advantages plus you get the latest Syllabus/Core Review; the 2015 Practice Questions & Answers for the Internal Medicine Boards; Turbo Mnemonics (400 Memory Aids, TIps, Tricks & Shortcuts for the Boards); the highlights from the Slide Shows; and our digitally-mastered Audio Syllabus. What's more, you'll save about $2000 in hotel, airfare & tuition alone. You'll enjoy access to all of our very best internal medicine board review resources...and for a lot less. Just call us and ask for "AV-3", our premier  home study package.  TOLL-FREE at  866-MDBOARDS (632-6273) or  866-IMREVIEW (467-3843).

What's the best combination of content & value? The smartest value & certainly our most popular internal medicine board review home study package, by far, is AV-3 [FRONTRUNNERS® AudioVisual package 3]. Why? AV-3 Internal Medicine Board Review curriculum represents all of our best resources AND at the greatest discounts. Briefly, AV-3 includes: 1) FRONTRUNNERS® CORE REVIEW / SYLLABUS (all the essential  core information, totally-outlined for maximum study efficiency with ample use of intelligent formatting to make your review a breeze);  2) FRONTRUNNERS® Q&A book, 2015 key Practice Questions for the Internal Medicine Boards;  3) Turbo Mnemonics book (featuring over 400 Memory Aids, Tips and Tricks for the boards; 220pp);  4) our Best ABIM Board Review Course SLIDE SHOWS review (giving you a "front and center" seat every time at the Weekend Marathon Review without all the accompanying costs or hassles and saving you about $2000 in hotel, airfare & tuition, plus thousands more in lost income, continuity of care, etc, depending on your priorities.  The Slide Shows, a truly awesome resource, are also succinctly-legended with all your need-to-know stuff for the all the Heme/Onc, Ophtho, Derm, and Radiology images plus all the EKGs we want you to know and what to look for; and 5) our AUDIO SYLLABUS (17 audio hours) WEEKEND MARATHON REVIEW designed to be the best Internal Medicine Audio Board Review and perfect for any commute! 

Beyond being the best combination of content & value, AV-3 offers these additional advantages as you begin preparing for your internal medicine boards: a) the ability to review at your own pace and on your own schedule (not ours); c) the ability to fast forward, even skip, and, of course repeat any areas you choose at your leisure;  and the biggest plus of all: d)  the freedom to do all this in the comfort of your own home or on commute.  Truly a no-brainer.

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4 Quick & Easy Ways to Order:

1. Select your board review package here PRODUCT VAULT. Simply choose "Packages" tab or the jump menu to scroll to AudioVisual Packages;

2. Simply CHOOSE FROM OUR MENU, and click the package you want!

3. CALL us now Toll-Free at (866)-IMREVIEW or (866)-MDBOARDS;

4. Download & complete on-screen our Order Form and fax or email it to us! 

Whichever method you choose, place your order today and get passing!

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In addition to AV-3, several other home-study packages are also available. To help you quickly identify which package is best for you, we've created a quick & convenient "MENU" / Decision- Tree / Overview that will assist you in your selection (or just call us and we'd be happy to go thru the various options with you if you prefer). Essentially, all the audiovisual (AV) packages include all the same books.  The only decision to make is whether you want the Audio CD Syllabus (AV-1 or AV-3 packages), the Slide Shows CD (AV-2 and AV-3 packages), or both (AV-3). AV-3 represents the complete curriculum and brings you all of our best  items at the greatest savings.  ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOU WANT? JUST VISIT our PACKAGE PRICES & SAVINGS table  to find a quick & convenient list of all of our best internal medicine board review home-study packages.

Top PGY II & III internal medicine residents choose FRONTRUNNERS® in preparation for their Internal Medicine Inservice & ABIM exams because FRONTRUNNERS® helps residents cover all the same material in the least amount of time and presents it in a way that's concise, thorough, intuitively-designed, and most-of-all, memorableResidents easily pass using FRONTRUNNERS, and the best internal medicine residents start prepping for their Inservice as if they're preparing for their ABIM exam.  You'll save yourself all of the following: unnecessary redundancy; aggravation; money; and the most important resource of all...time!  But more important than any of these, in doing so, you'll be way ahead of the game, when it comes time to sit for your exam. Attendings believe in FRONTRUNNERS® proven curriculum since they always return to FRONTRUNNERS® for their Internal Medicine Recertification exams.

FRONTRUNNERS® adheres to a strict privacy policy and does NOT sell or release names of our customers to ANYONE; never has and never will. Our customers trust in us when it comes to matters of  privacy and confidentiality.

Whether you're preparing for your ABIM certification or ABIM recertification exams, or the internal medicine components of your USMLE Steps 2CK & 3, helping you reach and pass your Internal Medicine Boards is all we do

Frontrunners Internal Medicine Board Review Course and Home Study Packages


To ORDER FRONTRUNNERS® board review materials by phone, or, for order-related inquiries, simply contact our customer service center anytime TOLL-FREE at  866-MDBOARDS (632-6273) or 866-IMREVIEW (467-3843).

Got some last-minute questions regarding our audiovisual packages? Our customer service specialists will be happy to assist you in finding a solution that best suits your needs. Our concierge service center is open 7 days a week.  

So whether you're looking for a top score on the Internal Medicine boards ABIM CERTIFICATION or RECERTIFICATION exams, or you "just wanna pass!",  we hope to be able to share our 15 years of experience, tremendous resources, tips, tricks and shortcuts for the ABIM exam with you.  And don't forget to check out the PRODUCT VAULT before you leave!  When you're looking for the very best no-nonsense, high-yield Internal Medicine Board Review, passionately-produced and beautifully-presented, there really is only one right answer:

FRONTRUNNERS®  "When all you wanna know is what you've gotta know!®"


FRONTRUNNERS® prepares physicians for the ABIM Certification and ABIM Recertification exams also known as the Internal Medicine Boards or Medicine Certification and Medicine Recertification exams; provides information on Continuous Professional Development or Maintenance of Certification (MOC); and specializes in Internal Medicine Certification and Internal Medicine Recertification exam prep.

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